Today’s Political Landscape

In today’s’ turbulent political landscape where as a Conservative personally. Do you believe Obama, Obama’s Cabinet Members past and present, Hillary and Holder included, Obama’s State Department Heads, past and present, and any Obama Appointees including those appointed to the Supreme Court should all be as I personally do, should be immediately impeached, Removed from office ii a single, Congress approved, U.S. Military action, and be incarcerated in a Federal Prison for not less than 25 years with no parole and any and all pension benefits cancelled for treasonous & seditious acts against the United States, our U.S. Constitution, and the U.S. Citizens, over the past seven year “Obama Cabal Reign of Terror” as I see and understand it.

The “Obama Cabal” will be a personal descriptive term that includes all above named Obama Government Team should I use it, who starting with President Obama has run roughshod over our Congressional Members and driven our Country into a position of Financial ruin with an additional $16-$18 added Trillion Dollars of National Debt over the past seven years during Obama’s presidency putting every United States Citizen in Harm’s Way both Financially & Literally in my, and many U.S. Citizens opinion.

Obama’s 100% hands-On management style, Obama’s direct orders in every decision and Obama’s full complicity in any and all of his Cabinet & State Departments Heads illegal schemes of deception or programs executed such as the infamous “Fast & Furious” scheme with Eric Holder which in the end directly caused the loss of a U.S. Border Patrol Agents life, which was executed for the sole purpose to jade the average U.S. Citizen into believing every U.S. Citizens Constitutional Rights regarding personal firearm ownership should be eliminated, limited, or all legally owned firearms in the United States should be registered on a National FireArm Registry, leading to the possible confiscation of every U.S.Citizen’s firearms in a situation that is considered or deemed a National Emergency of Civil Unrest, or an Act of War started within the United States borders.

Obama’s full knowledge and involvement with Hillary Clinton in the “Benghazi Scheme” in which four US Citizens, our Ambassador and three
U.S. Embassy personnel were murdered and a U.S. sovereign possessed Embassy institution was overrun by radical followers of the Islamic faith in which I am sure additional US military personnel were either seriously injured and killed.

Obama’s lawless and illegal prisoner trade of five Guantanamo Bay Islamic Terrorist-Radicals were traded without the proper 30 day notification to Congress for open debate, discussion, and congressional.

These are just the tip of the Iceberg of Barack Obama’s illegal and unconstitutional patterns and personal involvement in acts of treason and sedition since taking office seven years ago. Every Member of Obama’s Cabinet past & present along with Obama’s State Department Heads are guilty of the execution and development of these acts of treason and sedition making each of them complicit and as guilty as Barack Obama himself.

Obama’s appointees to the Supreme Court have violated and stained the Supreme Court’s reputation through their personal political infused decisions and rubber-stamp approval of all things Obama, and I hate to say this includes Judge Roberts also. All disregarding or bending to Obama’s will the constitutional history of previous decisions to which all U.S. judges are to base their decisions and rulings on. In doing so each of the three Supreme Court Judges by creating the appearance of creating law to which they cannot constitutionally do gave Barack Obama a nod of personal approval swaying or confirming the way for Barack Obama to bypass the needed Congressional approval required by Constitutional law while Obama used their rulings in his use and abuse of “Executive Order” privileges as the standing president throughout the past seven years.

This is why I believe the entire “Obama Cabal” needs to be immediately impeached, U.S. militarily removed in one unprecedented clean sweep, and incarcerated in a Federal Prison for not less than 25 years without parole.

Agree or not – and legally why?